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How to increase added value to your business with Spot On solutions

 Whether you’re looking for mock ups to help you visualise your project, DAM that suits your needs, help meeting your CSR or are looking to re-engineer a current products for a cost-effective solution, at Spot On we can do all this and more, we know how to increase added value.

Mock ups 

We produce mock-ups in 2D, 3D and physical, helping sell your idea or concept to your audience. Whether it’s for an internal meeting or your customers, an image or a sample in the hand can really help them visualise your concept, and lift the presentation.


Digital Asset Management takes many shapes and sizes, and we can help you to make the right decision. This could mean you hosting your own and we’ll help you get the right package and populate in the right way. Or we could provide the optimum solution for your needs.


Corporate Social Responsibility takes many forms but it’s the hot potato of packaging reduction we can help you with. It’s not just a government target that we want to achieve; it’s the lifecycle of the packaging as well – the whole 3R’s Reduction, Recycle and Reuse. We can help you select better ways of producing and better materials to use.

Re-engineering or Squash 

We can take your existing packaging and try to produce a commercially acceptable facsimile that reduces the production cost. We’ve had great success working on Blue Chip products saving customers thousands of pounds!

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