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Andy Wilson Director


In 2000 Westlife featured on 4 No 1 hit songs, some things are best left in the past. For 2 people however it was the first time they would meet. Since then their paths have crossed many times, even working alongside each other for 10 years.


In 2013 Simon Lundy set up Spot On Solutions with the aim of producing high quality artwork and print for brand owners, designers and digital agencies who did not have the correct print skillset. The company has grown over the last 4 years and diversified into other areas such as design, signage and more recently CGI.


In 2016, 3 years to the day after Simon left employment (coincidentally) Andy Wilson made the break to become a freelance artworker. Andy worked for several agencies and by chance the two paths crossed again (Sainsbury’s of all places). Spot On used Andy’s services on a few major projects and the working relationship once again grew.


Andy Wilson has today bought 50% of Spot On Solutions and sits on the board as an equal partner. The investment he has made is going to be used to further expand the company with the acquisition of new software and equipment.


Spot On solutions continues to deliver the highest quality design, artwork and printed collateral, from stationery to 70 square meter graphic installations.

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