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We take customer satisfaction seriously and after our measure what you manage & manage what you measure blog we thought we had better practice what we preach. So as it’s the end of another busy year we decided to ask our partner clients just how well we’ve done. We used survey monkey and an accredited set of questions to make our customer satisfaction survey official. The survey was sent to every client we have worked with to date and we received a credible 60% response rate (well it was Christmas after all).


The results blew us away, so we’ll summarise below:-

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our company?

Satisfied = 100%

Which of the following words would you use to describe our products?

Reliable = 83.33%

High quality = 91.67%

Useful = 25.00%

Unique = 8.33%

Good value for money = 75.00%

How well do our products meet your needs?

Extremely well = 75.00%

Very well = 25.00%

How would you rate the quality of our products?

Very high quality = 66.67%

High quality = 33.33%

How would you rate the value for money of our products?

Excellent = 58.33%

Above average = 33.33%

Average = 8.33%

How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about our products?

Extremely responsive = 50.00%

Very responsive = 41.67%

Not applicable = 8.33%

How long have you been a customer of our company?

This is my first purchase = 16.67%

Less than six months = 16.67%

Six months to a year = 8.33%

1 – 2 years = 41.67%

3 or more years = 16.67%

How likely are you to purchase any of our products again?

Extremely likely = 58.33%

Very likely = 41.67%

How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?

Promoters = 100%


We take this data very seriously and will be using it to improve in identified areas, the 40% of clients who did not respond is our first priority, what are their feelings? Were they just too busy to respond? In truth, we’ve already started this process, demonstrating we do practice what we preach.

To us the fact that 100% of our clients are satisfied and would recommend us to others makes the job worthwhile and encouragement that we are delivering what we promise “For great value & good honest values, we’re Spot On”. Customer satisfaction for 2015 was good, 2016 will be better!

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